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Date Username Amount Status
10/14/2019 twitch_bog7 $450.00 via Mailed check Success!
10/14/2019 hunter_lew $260.00 via PayPal Pending!
10/14/2019 dgotissuez $320.00 via CASH app Success!
10/14/2019 JakeSteaks1434 $320.00 via Mailed check Success!
10/14/2019 nigelriv $285.00 via CASH app Success!

What people say

Clout Bucks completely changed my life. I literally spend 2-4 hours a day marketing their site on social media and I come out with over $1,000 for the week. When I saw this site, I took a risk because I believed that 2019 was my year! Now look at what god has done for me.
Thought this was a scam when I first saw it until my friend started getting paid. I"m so happy I gave it another chance. Now working from home!
Tbh this site snapped. Lots of my friends thought it was fake before I bought a BMW in cash lol.

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