Hey guys, today we will be leveraging the power of the BIRD a.k.a Twitter to help you get hundreds of free clicks and referrals on the Clout Bucks platform.

Twitter is home to more than 1 billion users. Yea, that’s more than 10% of the world’s population! Enough of the praising, lets dive right in.

1. Keyword Searching (BEST METHOD)

Keyword targeting is simple. You go into Twitter and search for people who’d be interested in joining our site. For example, someone looking for a job or someone looking for some money. Begin by searching “I need money” in the Twitter search bar. All the tweets that have said this will pop up. Then you can continue by commenting your link under their tweet.

  1. Search a tweet. For example, “I need money”
  2. Reply to every tweet with your link and convince them to join our site using your link

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Boom! Easy clicks and referrals.

Let them know all about the Clout Bucks platform and the benefits they can gain from using us.